Engineering Design/ FEED


According to the regulations of Vietnam’s construction law, engineering design includes the following stages:

  1. Preliminary design in the pre-FS report;
  2. Basic design in the FS report or detail design (design for construction) in the economic-technical report;
  3. Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), technical design, detail design (design for construction), and other designs (if any) in accordance with international standards.

Engineering design can be carried out in one or multiple steps as follows:

  1. One-step design: “Design for Construction”;
  2. Two-step design includes Basic design and detail design;
  3. Three-step design includes Basic design, technical design, and detail design;
  4. Design steps according to international standards.

CECO delivers a variety of engineering services that support the clients’ businesses from the preliminary design to the design for construction, in accordance with the regulations of the construction law of Vietnam and international standards.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for all disciplines of plant engineering includes Process, Mechanical & Piping, CSA, E&I, EHS, water supply and drainage, fire fighting and prevention: