The Chemical Industry Engineering J.S.C (CECO), that formerly known as the Chemical Industry Engineering Company and established in 1967.

With  roughly  54  years  of  extensive  experiences in  providing   Consultancy   service,  Engineering service,  Procurement  -  Equipment  Fabrication service   and   Construction   service   (   including the  EPC  service)  in  field  of  beneficatio n o f ores, fertilizer  projects,  petrochemical  projects,  waste water  treatment,  food  products,  plastics,  rubber, paints and detergent, pharmaceuticals, etc…

Core values: CECO’s core values are Confidence and  Knowledge.  The  characteristics  of  CECO’s culture and people are Responsible, Cooperative and Studious.

Vision:    Combine    extensive    experience    on engineering   consultancy   with   the   ability   of technology   adoption   and   international   project management skills; to be steady with development strategy  focusing  on  establishment  of  CECO’s culture and people; promote collective intelligence, and  dedicate  to  build  up  the  company  to  be  a leading EPC Contractor of chemical, thermal and mineral processing projects in Vietnam in 2020.


Since 1989, CECO received the support of UNDP_UNIDO for the project "Improvement of Chemical Industry Engineering Institute", thanks to which, CECO has be trained and improved its design and project management capability in accordance with international standards. With its potential technical competence in consultancy and design, CECO attaches much importance to promotion of international cooperation and cooperation with many the world leading engineering companies and in fact, CECO has cooperated effectively with many companies of Japan, France, America, Italia, Korea, China, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and so forth.



Chemical Industry Engineering Joint Stock Company
Established date:               29 - 5 - 1967
Head office:                       21A Cat Linh street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Viet Nam
Chair Man:                        Mr. Luu Ngoc Vinh
C.E.O:                              Mr. Nguyen Cong Thang
Tel.:                                  +84 4 38455777
Fax:                                  +84 4 38232325

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